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Tips to Having Better Sex

Here are some awesome tips for how to have better sex whether you use a normal sex toy, gay sex toys or a combination and are willing to experiment a little.

1. Sexual Variety. This doesn’t mean switching up partners, this means being more sexual in general. Using new techniques and becoming more erotic in the bedroom is one of the key elements for learning how to have better sex.

Gay Sex Toys are also an awesome way to enhance your sexual experiences. So many couples get into a dull sexual groove because of their lack of sexual adventure. By adding in some variety to your intimacy, you will open new and exciting doors which will can be extremely pleasurable for you and your partner.

2. Positions, positions, positions! There are so many different positions out there that you can take advantage of. Switching up positions and experimenting really does improve sex and gives it that much needed variety. If you are only doing 1-3 positions regularly, then it’s definitely time to add in some more!

3. Learn Oral. Whether you are male or female, oral sex is one of the most pleasurable forms of sexual intimacy there is. So it only makes sense to MASTER it! Learn how to be the best at giving oral sex and your partner will be ecstatically blown away.

4. Do It Somewhere Else! This is such an effective way to increase your sexual relationship, yet few couples tend to do it. They get lazy and relaxed in their own surroundings, and in turn sex becomes too lazy, and too relaxed. Get out of the house!

5. Sex Toys! The simplest sex toy consists of erotic oils and lotions which are extremely effective for increasing intimacy. You can also get into edibles and other more erotic forms of sex toys. Definitely take advantage of what is out there and use them to heighten your sexual sensations!

6. Make Love. Oftentimes sex can turn into almost a routine thing. But when you focus your sexual relations more on “making love” you will definitely improve intimacy. More feelings will equal more pleasures. Take your time with lovemaking. Go slow and get romantic.

7. Read All About It. One of the easiest ways to improve intimacy and learn some new tricks is by getting some good instructional sex books which will most likely reveal some very interesting and erotic positions and techniques that you’ve never tried before.

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